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Visit the city Tremosine

Tremosine – Italy, a wide plateau standing high above the Lake Garda.Tourist information about apartments, camping and hotels for your holidays in Italy.

After having passed Limone and continued southwards one reaches a street that leads to Campione and Tremosine. It is here where the most beautiful destinations for long walks are.
Tremosine is well known among archaeologists too for the bilingual inscriptions on the church tower: one language is Latin; the other is probably Gallic, one of the “dead” Celtic languages. A hint that the Celt settled this area even before the Romans.
In Campione, which is a village belonging to Tremosine, the Marquis of Ivrea Berengar II issued several laws in the 10th century. The early political importance of Tremosine is made clear through the presence of a reeve and a captain already in the 13th century.
During the following centuries Tremosine was under Trento and Brescia dominion, was then a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and was finally integrated in the new Kingdom of Italy created in 1861.